Welcome to the Art of Life Blog! This blog is for you. As an artist, my purpose is to share how life can be lived aesthetically like an Art form.

The way you dress, care for yourself and care for others, how you communicate to the world, the way you bake a cake or manage a home, family and relationships is all an Art form. Whether the beauty is being created onto a canvas or in a performance by a great Artist, that same level of beauty, aesthetics and intention to uplift others can be put into every action you take.

My  purpose is to share with you the hard earned tips and tricks that I have learned over the years. These successful actions have allowed me to create the life of my dreams and help my family create the lives of their dreams. My family and I are very big on giving back to the community and so this same magic of creating aesthetics and harmony in improving our environment is something we continually strive for day in and day out. Together, we can create a more beautiful world and I look forward to interacting with you all and helping you and learning from you.

As a wife and working Mom of three very active boys and a beautiful boy Labrador puppy, I have had to master the act of balancing the different areas of life to run a successful household.  In this blog, I will be sharing the Actions that I have found to work over the past 21 years (almost 22 years now- my oldest son turns 22 next month)!  I would have loved to have someone give me all of the vital information on how to be a Wife, Mother and take care of myself years ago, so this is my purpose in sharing these tips with you!  My blog is about the “ART”/skill of life! My passion in life is to help others. I have worked full time on this purpose line for the past 17 years and now have decided to share my personal knowledge with all of you.  I am excited to get your feedback. Please let me know what areas you want to learn about! I am here to help you! 


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