In my final Semester of college, I was teaching art at a Community Center in Tampa  and helping children. The children that I met were mostly from broken homes and often their parents were in jail; therefore, their grandparents were raising them. I had such a soft spot for the kids because they were so loving and smart. They just needed someone to be there for them. This really touched me.  This sparked a desire in me to truly start helping others as I became aware of how badly help was needed.

I was excited when shortly after that I discover The Way to Happiness program. The Way to Happiness is a Non- Religious Moral Code that anyone can use to better their Survival and the Survival of those around them. It is a tool with endless application and allows one to continually grow and succeed and live their Happiest Life!

From the moment that I discovered The Way to Happiness program, I have had the passion to combine The Way to Happiness with the Arts and to help others with this beautiful booklet and now with the Public Service Ads.  I feel this is truly something that can be used to help create the most amazing future generation.

I think you will also love the 21 Precepts in The Way to Happiness! Please let me know if you have questions on any of the Precepts or would like more information! Share with me your favorite Precept!

*Definition: Precept= a general rule intended to regulate behavior or thought.

You can learn all about The Way to Happiness Here:

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