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Mary Jane

I was 7 months pregnant when I came across an article on ultrasound paintings by Heather. I love art and when I saw her unique style of painting I knew that I wanted an original painting from her. Since I like to do extra in everything I do, I didn’t just want a regular ultrasound painting of my baby, I wanted a 16×20 painting of me pregnant with my daughters ultrasound picture on my belly. When I received my painting I started crying because it was so beautiful. I also ordered a night light with the same image and it’s beautiful. I highly recommend her ultrasound paintings. She is amazing in what she does. Her art makes a great gift to anyone expecting a baby.
Dearest Heather,
 Thank you so much. My friends will really love your work. You are just the most talented person I’ve known. Keep it up! – CZ
“Dear Heather, 
  Thank you so much for the Ultrasound Painting. It will look lovely above the machine.” – CC
“Hi Heather!!
 I just opened my box! The painting is just unbelievable! I will cherish it forever! Thank you so much!” -TM
“Dear Heather- 
  We are excited about our Ultrasound painting- what a unique idea – we think It will be beautiful in the nursery. Thank you again and we appreciate your creativity.” – RO
 Thank you so much for the beautiful work you do- my son and his wife LOVE Isabella’s painting!” – CW
 I wanted to thank you again for taking time out and painting that awesome portrait of Landon, I LOVE IT! “ – DY
“We just opened the picture.
  You did such an amazing job!! I had forgotten how many details that picture required like wow!!!
So,so, so good, Tony loves it!!!!” – SG
“For someone who is impossible to please,
I had success when I ordered one of Heather Tapia’s Ultrasound Paintings.
And the fact that it is an embryo has gotten so many comments. It is so unique!! If you are looking for a unique gift that no one is going to have, especially if you are a grandparent or family member, then take this Ultrasound/memory and turn it into a priceless piece of art.
Are you looking for a unique shower gift!? Or to make your Ultrasound permanent? And it can be made custom to your nursery or home, makes it really special.”
“Thank you so much for the beautiful work you do!
  My son and his wife LOVE Isabella’s painting!” – CW
“You can even order a painting when the Ultrasound is older.
You just need the photo still!” -SG
“You’re such a fabulous artist. It is such a great niche that you do and is such a special gift.”
– JS

Tampa Museum of Photographic Arts- December 2021

Heather Tapia debuted her newest collection of work with her Signature Ultrasound Paintings and some of her original artworks
made during her time in Art School.
There was an enormous turn out and many new Collectors and relationships formed to continue to expand Heather’s Art into the

West Elm Pop Up Show- December 2022

Heather was featured as the guest Artist for West Elm’s busy location in Hyde Park Village in Tampa, FL. The show was well received with many new Collectors and relationships formed to expand Heather’s Art into the world.

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