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Mary Jane

I was 7 months pregnant when I came across an article on ultrasound paintings by Heather. I love art and when I saw her unique style of painting I knew that I wanted an original painting from her. Since I like to do extra in everything I do, I didn’t just want a regular ultrasound painting of my baby, I wanted a 16×20 painting of me pregnant with my daughters ultrasound picture on my belly. When I received my painting I started crying because it was so beautiful. I also ordered a night light with the same image and it’s beautiful. I highly recommend her ultrasound paintings. She is amazing in what she does. Her art makes a great gift to anyone expecting a baby.
Dearest Heather,
 Thank you so much. My friends will really love your work. You are just the most talented person I’ve known. Keep it up! – CZ
“Dear Heather, 
  Thank you so much for the Ultrasound Painting. It will look lovely above the machine.” – CC
“Hi Heather!!
I just opened my box! The painting is just unbelievable! I will cherish it forever! Thank you so much!” -TM
“Dear Heather- 
  We are excited about our Ultrasound painting- what a unique idea – we think It will be beautiful in the nursery. Thank you again and we appreciate your creativity.” – RO
Thank you so much for the beautiful work you do- my son and his wife LOVE Isabella’s painting!” – CW
I wanted to thank you again for taking time out and painting that awesome portrait of Landon, I LOVE IT! “ – DY