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I feel very fortunate that I am able to express myself through various creative processes and share my work with others. It gives me the greatest pleasure for my clients to truly love my Art.

My Process

The Story Behind the UltraSound Paintings

When I was pregnant with my son, Brenden, I wanted to create something special for my husband, so I enlarged my son’s ultrasound images, created an aesthetic composition and then painted them in oil. The process was spontaneous and the result was a beautiful image that captured the emotion and sentimentality that I had as an expectant mother.

I gave my husband the painting for father’s day,and he too loved it! We hung the painting in our home, and it generated a huge response from our friends and family, with many of them wanting one of their child, so my business was created to fill this demand.

I have been successful for the past twenty years in my business, and I look forward to continuing to provide every mother the opportunity to capture the magnificent moment of seeing her child for the first time as a unique and beautiful painting.

Fine Art Paintings

Garden Avenue Series

Custom Oil Painting

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Custom Mixed Media Drawings

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Art in Progress