I grew up in a family of women who loved to cook. We had homecooked meals and sit down family dinners everyday during my Childhood. I was spoiled with my Great Grandmother’s, Grandmother’s, Mom’s and Aunt’s home cooking. I was also fortunate to have been brought up with family dinners, where I had to set the table properly and use table manners. That being said, I was used to having someone else cook for me, so I never took to this Art myself. When I moved out and became an Adult, this was a real problem for me, as now I needed to cook for myself and my growing family.

This was not something that I was excited about because I am usually on the go and would rather be at my kid’s sports game or working on my Art or studying about something that I love, so cooking had never been my passion.

However, during the recent “Stay at home” period, I was re-introduced to some great products for my kitchen and now I enjoy making food for my family. This has been a life saver because now I can feed my family healthy, delicious meals without having to spend hours in the kitchen. My boys are very happy and so am I!  I am sharing these products with you in case any of you are in a similar boat of needing to feed yourself or your family quality meals in a hurry. I love that the recipes and tools that I discovered are all easy to use and give me plenty of creativity in the kitchen, so that I now I can cook and have fun while doing it! And most of all, I can happily do my job as a Wife and Mother and make sure that I am fueling my family with the best homecooked meals and now we can continue my family’s tradition of family dinners.

Send me any questions that you have or requests for any information that I can provide to help you. Please comment and share photos of any of your favorite recipes and tools that you discover through my Blog. I would love to see your Creations!

I am loving my new Air Fryer!
New tools to make cooking fun!!
My boys love the new recipes!
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